Chiropractic Adjustments and Tissue Mobilization

Let’s face it, each year hundreds of thousands of Denver residents experience serious illnesses or chiropractic-adjustmentsdiseases; vehicle, home, and workplace accidents; and sports injuries. And while some recover completely, many others continue to suffer with chronic back pain; repeated stress injuries; muscle aches; headaches; stiffness; extremity numbness and/or posture issues (when sitting, standing, sleeping or walking).

Even worse, most of these folks have tried a variety of medical solutions, including drugs and surgery, with little or no success. So understandably, they’re ready to give up and are resigned to live with their pain.

If this sounds like you – or someone you love – you’re not alone, and I’d like to help.

Hi, my name is Dr. Mike Varnay, and I am a board-certified chiropractor and the founder and owner of V Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, a Centennial, Colorado company. I specialize in the chiropractic conservative management of chronic pain, which means that one of my core services is the chiropractic adjustment, a safe, effective, natural and non-invasive practice that aids in self-healing and encourages bodies to perform optimally.

Chiropractic adjustments are exceedingly sophisticated and controlled procedures that utilize the highly refined skills and training that doctors of chiropractic learn during their many years of intensive medical education.

When performing chiropractic adjustments, physicians use their hands (or other instruments) to manipulate their patients’ body joints – particularly the spine – in order to resolve their inflammation (i.e. restore or enhance joint functionality) and reduce their pain. These manipulations are entirely natural (no drugs or surgery is involved) and rarely cause discomfort.

  • Increase endorphin productions in the affected area, which results in instant, but temporary, pain relief
  • Provide enhanced nutritional support by delivering fresh blood and nutrients to joints and surrounding tissues that might be lacking nutrients
  • Release pressure on nerves, which helps joints perform better
  • Help restore joint balance (i.e. provide joints with better “position-sense”)

The type and number of adjustments patients need is dependent on a number of factors specific to their problem areas, degrees of severity, and the like. Many issues can be resolved in just a few short sessions, while others take a bit longer. Even better, many patients say that they experience positive changes immediately after their first visit.

In order to diagnose the root cause(s) of your symptoms and create a personalized treatment plan, I will first gather and analyze important information about your lifestyle, medical history, general health and the like. Next, I will conduct a thorough examination and review any/all paperwork and documentation that has been provided (e.g. X-rays, MRIs, etc.) by you or other health care providers.

Depending on the severity and complexity of your complaint you may need to provide further information before your first treatment. If this is not the case, a treatment plan will be explained and care will begin on the very first visit.

  • Truly personalized service. You’ll enjoy chiropractic on a completely personal level. In fact, you’ll have my personal email address and phone number just in case you need me.
  • In pain? Have an after-hours emergency? No problem. If you are currently a patient receiving active treatments and are in need of emergency care – even after hours – I will meet and treat you at the office. Anytime, day or night… Period.
  • Antiquated chiropractic care is a thing of the past. You’ll enjoy peace of mine knowing that your chiropractic care is performed using up-to-the-minute techniques and methodologies.
  • Convenient Location. My offices are located at 6590 South Vine Street in downtown Centennial, Colorado (just north of The Streets at Southglenn Shopping Plaza).